About Us

Andrea Drew

Andrea started her resumé writing career in 1998 when she combined her passion to write with her love of helping others.

She created a business called Impressive Resumés and built it up to be one of the most reputable resumé writing businesses in Melbourne.

Throughout this time she also honed her writing skills and realised the trick to marketing people effectively is to write resumés that focus on results. She read book after book and spent thousands of hours learning about this industry and has even written her own e-book on how to write your own resumé which you can buy and then create your own resumé.

Pro Resumés made easy

She then handed over this business to new management in 2010 due to family commitments and branched into other professional writing, including writing tenders.

However, due to demand from past clients who needed updated resumé and new clients who had been referred to her, she decided to start a new resumé writing business, and so Help Write My Resumé was born.

Andrea has helped thousands of people from all walks of life gain employment through her resumé writing services. She has helped people who couldn’t even get an interview secure their dream job, all due to their resumé.

And she can help you too – just contact us Help Write My Resumé today!!