Cover Letter

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A cover letter is usually the first thing your potential employer is going to read when looking at your resumé and we all know you only get one chance at a first impression. At Help Write My Resumé, we make sure your cover letter will create the right impression.

The cover letter is the first key to unlocking your new job and we know exactly how important it is to get it right.

A cover letter can be general or very specific and that is usually determined depending on what field you are applying in. At Help Write My Resumé, we have written thousands of cover letters and we can help write yours too.

Sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what to put into your cover letter; too much and you will lose the recruiters attention, too little and it can appear you are not putting in the effort.

Perfect cover letter

We write cover letters that will have employers and recruitment officers interested in meeting you. That’s because we know exactly what they are looking for and we are able to tailor the perfect cover letter for every job you apply for.

At Help Write My Resumé, our writers are skilled at creating professional cover letters that will not only communicate exactly what the recruiter wants and needs to know, but will also help you stand out from the hundreds of other applicants.

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