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You got the job!!!!

That is the total purpose of a resumé – to help you land your dream job.

A resumé that is well written and professional may look and sound good but if it doesn’t get you an interview that ultimately leads you to a new job, then it isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on.

That is what we specialise in – resumés that tell employers how good you are and why they should meet and hire you. And it is all based on facts that come from the person who knows best – you.

Most people find it REALLY hard to write about themselves and tell others what their skills and achievements are. And that is exactly what a resumé is suppose to do. A great resumé will grab a recruiter’s attention and make them interested in you. At Help Write My Resumé, that is exactly the type of resumé we can create for you.

Looking for a new job is a stressful time in your life. Change is inevitable but that doesn’t mean you have to like it. And even when you are leaving a job you don’t like, it can still be daunting.
Whether your career change is self originated or not, you need the key that will unlock the door to your future, and that key is your resumé.

Resumes made easy

We take away the stress of writing about yourself and create a beautifully written, and totally effective resume that will have your future employer eager to interview you. Most people feel if they can just get into the interview, they know they can impress a recruiter. Having a professionally written resumé is what gets you to that step.

At Help Write My Resumé, we have over 20 years experience in helping people find and land their dream job. Let us help you find yours!

We also offer a free RESUME CRITIQUE service. Just send us your current resumé and we will critique it for you for no charge and no obligation. Email it today and we will give you our expert advice for FREE!!!!

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